Training and more training

Published October 1, 2012 by gofullthrottle

Its hard to believe that September has come and gone. With only a few months left to season I have kicked up in to high gear, my hip is doing well and is slowly getting better as I training longer and harder.

I currently train twice a day and I wanted to share some of the cross training that I am doing. In reality I will compete against people riding several horses a day so I am doing everything I can to be competitive. I ride Welmingh 6 days a week.  Monday and Tuesday are typical training days, Wednesday is a lighter day, Thursday and Friday are challenging again and then Saturday is a hack where we train the extended walk, and its getting much better. I feel like the hack is a big mental piece for me as well in learning to trust my horse again in strange scenarios.

Now for the fun part, I train again in the evening and with access to a 24 hour gym there is no excuses. I run 5 or 6 days a week. I try for 6 but it doesnt always work out if my hip is sore. I am currently running 8 km or 5 miles each day and training to run the Disney Princess half marathon in February with my coach. I figure if Disney gives me a princess medal its official. I train upper body 2 times a week to balance out my lower body. I do abs 30 minutes 3 times a week and top that off with yoga once a week.  When I run I often add in squat jumps and a tonne of walking lunges, my goal is to walk and lunge across the draw bridge, I can almost make it half way now. I have lost 5lbs and my goal is 20 before season so I am well on my way!

I guess thats probably the reason September has flown by. I am already feeling a difference in my riding and I am having some of the best rides of my life as my horse and I both get stronger together. Its amazing how refined our partnership and communication has become through our efforts. I am looking forward to the approach of the season!



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