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Hurricanes, Hips and Horses

Published August 27, 2012 by gofullthrottle

Well, I think technically its a tropical storm, maybe it has become a Hurricane but all in all I am still getting used to all the excitement around Hurricane Isaac. A good friend of mine checked in this morning to see if I was getting “Isaaced” I am pretty sure in any other context that term would be followed up with a “giddy up” or a “giggidy giggidy”. In this case its followed with, yes I am getting Isaaced and no I dont like it. So far everything is just very wet. Which I guess is to be expected. Kim is making sure Welmingh doesnt float away and I am hunkered down at home.  Watching the storm from my window. We are on the very edge of the mess and I am hoping that by tomorrow we might see the sun again. Its funny that in the winter up north being hunkered down at home for 3 days is not a big deal but in Florida it seems very foreign.


My hip is getting better. I have been doing my physio daily. Basically over the past 6 months my life has been very unsettled and I have not been in the gym as much, with the residual imbalance from my broken foot my hips are now not equally as strong. So getting them back to being even is my main focus right now. Lots of stretching and strengthening.

As for Welmingh he is getting stronger every day, he has finally started sweating more and we have been out hacking to develop a bigger and stronger walk. We are working on the zig zag for the Intermediare currently, that placement is a bit trickier than I expected it to be but he is a super star and very patience with me. Now we just need the rain to go away so I can get back in the saddle!