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Training and the evironment

Published July 20, 2012 by gofullthrottle

I started my ride today with my daily hack around the field, looking and the blue sky with a few fluffy clouds in it, as I took a deep breath to enjoy the smell of the tropical plants around me I cant help but believe that the perfect training environment can be created.

The weather in Florida has its challenges but so does everywhere else. No its not always perfect yet I never hear anybody complain. Now I would love to make this a post about the weather but I can assure you it is not. I have boarded a just a few barns throughout my riding career Always trying to find the perfect balance between coaching, horse care and other horse owners.

Today, I am happy and thankful to have found an environment that is almost a perfect balance. Often the politics of a barn can make even pony paradise miserable. I have never boarded with a group of people who are so genuinely happy for the success of others. In a positive learning environment, other coaches and riders has been positive in telling me when something looks awesome. They have also been supportive in helping me fix mistakes that I am making. Today I had a breakthrough in the self carriage of a half pass. In that moment as I checked out the mirror to see how awesome it looked, the other trainer at the stable to a brief second out of the lesson she was teaching to mention what a big change Welmingh had just made in his self carriage in that moment.

As any rider knows you can have moments of delightful feel but it is always nice to have it validated. Even more so by someone that you are not funding their pocket book.

Welmingh has made another big improvement over the past couple of weeks and a lot of people are noticing. I dont need my ego fed, but again the positive reinforcement is always nice when you are feeling like things are headed in the right direction.

Everybody gets along so well, and opinions are respected. Nothing catty or bad is ever said about anybody including other trainers or stables. My horse is happier and more vocal than he has ever been, Kim monitors his feeding program carefully and makes recommendations as she see’s fit. The grooms are great and never miss a thing. Especially when it comes to a white horse that I am pretty sure is cleaner than my white riding breeches. (How awkward if I had to show that horse!)

Everyone at our stable comes from the north “somewhere” and in having discussions about training environment it sounds like what I come from in Alberta is common across the board. I am happy to have landed in a place where the environment is right for learning and I can focus on doing my best with a support team of friends and riders who are all on my team!