Going the distance

Published June 13, 2012 by gofullthrottle

I posted a video of my ride last week. Sadly I still feel like I have so far to go to get where I want to be. It is funny however, how the universe tells you what you need to hear. My friend Maureen who was by my side through my concussion, and my journey in getting back on my horse. A true friend as far as I am concerned because I am fully aware that even my cat deemed me a bad person on a few days where the pain was intolerable. She watched the video and said he looks nice and relaxed. And the comment stuck with me, I thought, “Why would she say that?  He is always relaxed. So random. Can’t she see how awesome his canter is? ” Well, the joke is on me.

Maureen is right. She is one of the few people that saw how he was going before he left. He was hot, tense and spooky. The tension was ruining the quality of the gaits and creating problems throughout the higher level movements. Before I left for Florida I had not yet ridden him on a long rein even in the arena when warming up and cooling him out.
So as I warmed up today in our 20 minute wander around the field on a long rein and a palm frong (palm tree branch) fell to the ground and I shortened my reins in anticipation of something bad happening, Welmingh continued to saunter along like this was no big deal. He has also become accustomed to large flocks of birds flying at head height.  And other random animals.

So she was right. He is very relaxed. And sometimes I need to look back to appreciate how far we have come instead of obsessing about how far I have to go.


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