Busy Busy

Published February 19, 2012 by gofullthrottle

Its been a crazy busy week for me here in Florida. On Wed I went to the USPRE sponsored dinner at the global dressage festival, it was a lot of fun, there was an amazing dinner then a demo of some of the PRE horses in the US, there was several great horses and riders. This new facility is going to be amazing, not only is it well equipment for horses and humans as a showgrounds, but when it is completed it will have an onsite hotel! They have done an amazing job of getting this project underway and I am sure it will get better and better as a facility.

After that myself and most of the dressage crown headed over to the Dressage Under the Stars. It is an FEI costume Kur night. The judging is american idol style, with a technical judge, a creative judge and a celebrity judge so anything can happen. The dressage ring is on grass and under big spot lights. The series runs 8 weeks and the winner of each week gets invited back to the final. The best part is that you can watch it all from the patio at a local bar!

One of the White Fences Trainers Susanne Hamilton was in attendance an won with her pop rock Kur! I did take some video but it will not upload from my phone. Sadly I may be trading in the BB for an iPhone.

On Friday I watched the Grand Prix from 11 am until 5pm, it truly is amazing to watch. Jaqueline Brooks’ mom is a wonderful dressage statistician and has been discussing the finer points of the GP with me, she knows everything about everyone and has been a wonderful person to get to know while watching. And she has a cute puppy named princess that keeps us company. Friday was above 30 all day, a great day for watching, perhaps not so much if you are riding.

Friday night we went out Irish dancing then ended up at an Italian festival that was a full on carnival and rides and cotton candy! I am back in Kansas! So when there is dancers and music everyone started swing dancing at the carnival. Then more dancing last night, I am going to be a dancing machine by the time I leave Florida!

Sunday back to the Grand Prix special for more watching. Ashley, Heather and Todd did an amazing job of their tests and all were in the 70s.

Having So much fun! Wish you were here!


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