Painting the picture

Published February 10, 2012 by gofullthrottle

I want to try to paint a picture of what its really like to be here in Wellington. My horse is located on Hanover Circle . You can check our the google map to see all the stables, although it really doesnt do the Lars peterson horse castle justice. It feels a bit like the old west gone dressage style. Horses have the right of way and there is traffic signs stating that pretty much everywhere. Horses are always being ridden up and down the roads to or from lessons or just on a simple hack. Everybody greets you with a smile and a nod, and perhaps a wave if they feel like dropping a rein and their horse is safe to do so on. It really is a bit surreal, in saying that it is hard to describe. Especially coming from a small dressage world where nobody smiles and nods but is likely more willing to put a knife in your back.

Everything is built to be horse friendly first and people friendly second. I went to the grocery store and a kind lady let me in line in front of her because all I had was carrots and I was wearing my breeches. She said you must have a horse, and smiled in appreciation. The young store clerk noted the 5 lb bag of carrots and stated ” he is one lucky horse” my response was “I am one lucky rider”.

I appreciate every ride on my horse. My coach came back from her ride today and stuck her head in her horses’ stall and said thanks for the fantastic ride today. A novel concept from the local trainers in Alberta and SUCH a refreshing change.

I dont want to bore you with details but trying to paint a picture of the atmosphere here is not an easy task.

I had my first lesson yesterday and although the fundamentals were the same the approach and objective were quite different. Upon giving it some thought I decided I like the approach. Then I rode my horse today, and clearly he liked the approach as well. Not only was he happy to be back at work but in one very easy lesson we have him moving differently through his shoulders! Bring on the Krack C half pass (sideways movement/video link for non horsey people) I have been dying for!


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