Getting Settled

Published February 8, 2012 by gofullthrottle

Its hard to believe a week has gone by since my last blog post. I am now officially settled into my new home in Florida. I live 10 minutes from the stable and have a pool. Which is as I am told an essential part of surviving summer in Florida. I have two great roomates. One is a firefighter that owns the house and one is another horsey girl. Here is the new view from my home office =)

I attended a super bowl party at White Fences, I met a lot of great horse people and a few of the trainers from the nieghbourhood. The stalls in the courtyard are attached to the house. Welmingh as per usual had acquired some adoring fans. So we fed him some beer. Which he really took a liking too!

The next several months in Wellington are called the Winter Equestrian Festival There is something going on all the time and on saturday night there is a big event. That you can spend lots of money to go watch, or just watch it streaming on the web. I will have to head down to the event one night but for now I am just trying to find the dressage rings. While I was lost and looking for them on sunday look what I found: Beer Ponies!!!

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Everything is so exciting I wish I could jump up and down with excitement. But when you are wandering around alone that just makes you look crazy. So for now I will try to restrain myself.

Stay tuned for a VERY exciting update tomorrow.


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