I Galloped!

Published February 1, 2012 by gofullthrottle

Ok well that might not be breaking news for those of you who know I came down here to ride, however the kind of galloping I did tonight is not that what you expected.

While planning this trip in a mad panic I decided to try couch surfing. This is a community of people who have an open notion of hospice around the world. So in my case it allowed me to meet some new people in my new local town. I know from riding in California that horse people are often friendly but very busy and not doing a lot outside the horse community. Not a bad thing, just limiting when you are trying to find new friends in the community.

I have really lucked out. My couch surfing family is super awesome. William and Francine have opened up their home with their children Steve and Christina. They have been very friendly and welcoming so I am fortunate to have met them while I look for a place to live.

Tonight they took me to their Irish dance class. They both teach the class and it was an amazing experience. One of the bolder moves towards the end is called the gallop. Its kind of like a charge of people within close quarters with two couples. Here is a link to the galloping, yes I danced the whole 2o minutes set but the galloping is at about 17 minutes.

I also learned how to ride a scooter today. Christina gave me the scooter tour of the area so I could get the lay of the land.

I did go to the barn today and lunged Welmingh, he was a bit stiff but is starting to settle and did stretch out. I am going to head out to ride tomorrow morning and I am looking at a room for rent very close to the barn within walking distance.

I have been looking downtown but it looks like life in the suburbs for me for the next little while.


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