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Welmingh’s Journey Begins

Published January 25, 2012 by gofullthrottle

Its hard to believe how much I have accomplished in two weeks. I have some amazing friends that have made it all happen for me. After an epic farewell party it was a made scramble to pack Welmingh and Myself over the weekend. He is finally off on his journey. He left yesterday afternoon and crossed the boarding this morning. They hit a bit of freezing rain which will slow them down for a bit. They will overnight (somewhere) tonight and then be on the way again in the morning and that should take them straight through to Aiken where he gets on the second transport.


I am now in a mad scramble to get in some meetings before I leave, as well as pack (still not sure how its all going to fit) and rent the condo. All before Friday morning. On the good side I have been given notice that I do not have to show up for jury selection. The down side is that I delayed my departure just in case and will miss the Dressage masters this weekend. I guess I will have to watch them next year. Although I am sure with 11 Olympic qualifiers there will be no shortage of jaw dropping dressage to watch.

So close to leaving yet so far away!


The Whirlwind

Published January 19, 2012 by gofullthrottle

The first Olympic qualifier is set for this weekend in Wellington. Just the thought of being completely immersed in that quality of dressage gives me butterflies in my stomach.  I havent posted in a few days as I have been like the Tazmanian devil trying to get everything done, yesterday was my cutoff to start having things fall into place and make an absolute decision.  And they have so far been falling into place. The vet was out sunday night to do bloodwork and I happened to be there so all the paperwork was done without having to make phone calls and appointments. Kristine Rennich (go find her on Facebook her horses are amazing) has been super great in taking care of last minute stable details, packing and shoeing stuff that needs to be done before I go. I love having her on my support team.

Rebecca Lee will be hauling my horse to Aiken, she has been great about taking care of prepping the horses with electrolytes and planning all of the pre care. She does this every year and she has been super awesome at giving me direction as to how best to transport my horse long distances. From there my horse will have a short trip with a commercial hauler then will arrive at White Fences, this seemed like the best option to start for me. I turned down the option to train with bigger names for the time being. Most of the ones I talked to wanted several months up front. Which boasts several problems. One I am not rich! And two I want to know what there teaching style is before I made a commitment. It became very clear while trainer shopping that I am not in Kansas anymore. Not one of the big name trainers asked about my level or experience, the only response was, send several months worth of money and you can have a spot.

Susan Jaccoma is the trainer I will be working with when I arrive. She actually took the time to call me and answer my questions. She offered a lot of advise and has been super awesome! She trains with Lars Peterson, and is well accomplished in her own right. The great part about this move is that the opportunities are endless, unlike being in Alberta where I have been so limited. I cant wait to just soak it all in, the dressage that is, and maybe a little sunshine. (-45 really?)



The definition of insanity

Published January 15, 2012 by gofullthrottle

I am a strong believer in the definition of insanity being, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I now believe however that I am going to personally redefine it. By starting my own company and moving to a different country with my horse is less than 3 weeks.  My friends have been a bit concerned at how laid back I have been about it. Well, Friday, I had a moment of panic.

Some great words of wisdom were offered and I was given a gentle reminder that I have taken on bigger feats than this and managed. So although I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew I have support of some amazing people around me to make this happen.

So for a bit of comic relief we went to the Ice on Whyte festival on Friday. This is my favorite festival on Whyte. This year it is bigger and better and comes with a free train ride.

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I clipped the last horse that is shipping south yesterday and there is still so much to get done! Its a good thing I have a great team of people moving and receiving my horse so that I dont have to panic if I am not ready to leave when he is.

Welmingh is Naked

Published January 11, 2012 by gofullthrottle

It has been a busy couple of days trying to get everything sorted. The deposit is due for the horse transport today so there is no turning back now =).  It is 27 degrees in Wellington today. And for those of you who know about my contempt for the cold, 27 is just about perfect. My horse is clipped completely naked and as it got cold today I am pretty sure he hates me right about now!

I had amazing support yesterday from all of the lovely people at the BMO on Whyte ave and my CN bootcampers have all been very good about me having only a few weeks left with them and dropping that on them last minute.

My social media consulting business launch has been more successful than I anticipated and I am thrilled to be doing something I love!

Things I am still working on: (if you can help please let me know)

Pet sitter for iPod

Travel Insurance the covers me while competing

Renting my condo fully furnished.

Last night was the first night I slept in days, probably out of exhaustion. I am so excited to be making big changes!