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What just happened?

Published December 28, 2011 by gofullthrottle

I know this decision to some of you seems abrupt. To some of you I have said I wanted to go so many times it is a bit like listening to a washed up hockey player tell how good they were in high school, when they are 35.

On Jan 2 I made the call to Becky Lee. An avid 3 day event rider, I asked if she had room for one more horse on the trailer headed south this winter. It almost killed me last year to watch her drive away and my horse not be on it. Two days later I was phoning trainers in Florida and looking into what it is going to cost to take the leap.

I have had several people ask what inspired this. A good friend said to me, I can plan all I want then trip walking out the door and none of it matters, do what you love. In a different conversation with another great friend over Christmas she said to me, it doesnt have to be hard, expect the pieces to fall into place easily if this is the right thing, they will. And to top off those tidbits of wisdom my Facebook now says: Someday your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching.

I am still in the midst of interviewing trainers. I have a stall booked in White Fences currently as a landing spot for now. Changing trainers will be easy once I am down there and settled.

In all of the excitement I am still trying to rent my condo so if anybody knows of somebody looking for a place to rent please let me know.

I have taken the leap to work with both Full Throttle Fitness and Go Full Throttle, my new social media consulting company. Ps I pay $200 for business referrals so send people my way!

Why Florida? There is 7 olympic qualifiers in Wellington in a span of a few months. There is not doubt in my mind that immersing myself in this environment will be educational and awe inspiring.